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Recap of the first ever Texas Teezilla!

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to the first ever, Texas Teezilla hosted by Lies and Filth. I got the chance to mingle and get to know 25+ of Texas’ indie clothing brands. There was a good mix of new and older brands, coming from Dallas and the surrrounding area. Texas Teezilla was a great event for people to collaborate, network, and bring awareness to all the great things goin’ down in the Lone Star State!

Lie and Filth hosted the event and had their 3rd series on display along with a tee specially designed for the event.

HIJ Clothing had their first official series on display along with some dope snapbacks. Be on the look out in early 2012 for Series 2. 

Sleepy Dan, who says the name comes from a college nickname, had his first series out on display that consist of 9 shirts. Sleepy Dan just launched in June of this year, but don’t snooze on this guy!

Heather of The Good Child was rockin’ some pretty awesome suspenders and telling me about plans for the fall line! You can take The Good Child to the next level at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thegoodchild/the-good-child-the-next-level

Come & Take It Clothing definitely had me crossing my fingers for luck with their Watch the Thrown tour ticket giveaway and the “Don’t Sext and Drive" tee is a new favorite of mine. Keep an eye out for this innovative brand. 

Joonbug of Fresh Kaufee and the homie Topic were out repping. Topic and Koolquise performed a nice set and Joonbug hinted at penguins and the first offical appearance of Bean Boy for his upcoming collection. Be on the look out for these guys, they’re doing some pretty great stuff!

Crowned Head Clothing was in appearance as well repping for Dallas. Eric, the designer, says he really wants to collaborate with other brands and branch out.

Yaotl, which means warrior in Aztec, was there. I’m definitely a fan of the “choose your own clothing” theme and their “Ready For War" women’s tee. 

Pink Elly was there too repping for NYC and Dallas. You’ll see a few new tees and some headgear from them this Fall, stay tuned. 

Hardly Human coming from Rowlett were out of this world with their bold colors and unique designs. They’re definitely going to be stirring up some attention this Fall. 

Un Zebre clothing came out focusing on individualism and the power of one, watch out for them!

Ruler Apparel is a brand specifically taylored to the vertically blessed (unlike myself). The brand wants taller people to feel like royalty, and with their witty slogans I think we’ll be seeing some cool stuff from them soon!

Loyal K.N.G. coming from Longview had an elaborate display of merchandise with lots of different designs to choose from, they’re having a release party for their latest series soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Above The Radar was there, they had a great concept. Being on top, and who doesn’t like being on top? They had a rainbow of logo tees out on display and I’m looking forward to what these guys can gonna do in the future.


Krank Empire by far had my favorite concept, all their t-shirts are printed on recycled fabric, and profits go to wildfire victims. They’ve been printing t-shirts for years but just recently started printing their own tees :)

Dope Distractions was there and TX Teezilla was their first event! These guys started in April of this year and really want their distractions to up your swag. These dope designs will easily be turning heads. 

Azimo was there with a new logo! Inspired by the way a child views the worldAzimo focuses on experiencing life in a simpler way through bright colors and clean lines. 

I Can Clothing, a Christian clothing line were repping for God. They started five years ago and focus on praising Him.

United Culture Clothing started up not too long ago as well. They’re focusing on integrating and not segregating; bringing everyone together. This was also their first event and we’re excited to network with everyone. 

G5 Threads became a personal favorite of mine at Teezilla. They’re from Lake Dallas and are a lifestyle brain focusing on the urban and skate culture alike. They’re into the local hip-hop scene around the area (shoutout to the Brain Gang).

Keen Clothing just launched two months ago, so Teezilla was like the debut of the brand. Two guys who’ve been best friends since elementary started the brand because they wanted clothing that was deeper and more artistic.

Kill Hubris just launched May of this year. Hubris is arrogance in Greek, they’re focus is being humble, and getting rid of arrogance. I love the concept, everyone should be greatful for their blessings. 

Fly Filthy of Abilene launched about 6 weeks ago now. They’ve got some cool stuff, keep an eye out for them!

Group Fly Clothing was there, they’re concept is a group of people elevated to a higher level. Be sure to watch out for their fall collection coming soon. 

Southern Fed started in April 2011 and have the concept of southern culture and entrapping everyone who belongs to the dirty south in a brand, we are all Southern Fed :)

Carri Culture repping for D-Town and H-Town were there was well, their trying to uplift urban culture and bring some positivity into the game.

Junky Tees is a veteran in the t-shirt world. Originally starting out as a music producer and DJ, he soon started Junky Tees.

Overall Texas Teezilla turned out wonderfully! I had a wonderful time getting to know all the new and veteran brands alike and I’m excited to see what they all have in store for Fall/Winter 2012!

—Jazmen aka Jazzy Beats

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